Constable opens fire on jailed man for asking for a cigarette

A cop on Sunday opened fire on a jailed man at a police station in Lahore over repeatedly asking him for a cigarette.

According to police, the incident occurred at Chuhang police station in Lahore, where Constable Waris opened fire on a jailed man, Zeeshan, who was brought to the police station in a case pertaining to electricity theft.

“The constable opened fire after the inmate repeatedly asked for a cigarette from Waris, who was posted at the security of a lockup at the police station,” they said.

The injured inmate was shifted to a hospital for medical treatment as police arrested the cop for injuring a prisoner and booked him in a case.

The police said that they would investigate the real motive behind the incident and determine if it was an incident over mere refusing a cigarette or anything else.

The doctors, who have treated the injured accused, said that he was currently out of danger.

It is pertinent to mention here that cases have been reported where cops have been found violating the powers given to them.

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