Ciara and tWitch Play 'Can tWitch & Ciara Dance... with What’s Behind Them?'

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Guest host Justin Hartley had two of the best dancers in the world on the show, so he played a game called “Can tWitch and Ciara Dance… with What’s Behind Them?”

#TheEllenShow .


29 thoughts on “Ciara and tWitch Play ‘Can tWitch & Ciara Dance… with What’s Behind Them?’”
  1. I don't know how Ciara & Beyonce can dance in heels, when some women can't walk in them?

  2. I love the real life “evolution of Ciara” 😉 but everybody better remember where she came from! Mamas always had her own money and is more than a housewife 👏

  3. Ciara is a Beast! Love Twitch… I remember his first dance tryouts… so happy for his come up

  4. I couldnt do that in flip flops, I only wish I could do all that in heels. Shes an amazing person

  5. They changed up real quick and killed with confidence on level up😂👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾 talk about leveling up🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. While I walk like a baby giraffe on heels, my girl Ciara is there twerking and dancing in them 5” heels. You go girl! Btw, did we not notice how GORGEOUS Ciara is????

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