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Chinese city Jilin announced new Wuhan-style lockdown measures would be put in place amid the second wave of COVID-19. The former Chinese capital put the Fengman District on high alert on Sunday after recording three new locally transmitted coronavirus cases and one death. The Wuhan-style travel restrictions include bans on all foot and vehicle traffic out of the city.

It will also mean the closing of schools and entertainment venues such as cinemas, gyms and restaurants.

Unlike many countries in the West, all shops and the majority of supermarkets in the district will also be closed.

Residential districts have been put on closed management and have demanded only one member of a household leaves to shop for essentials once a day.

Over the weekend, the provincial Government fired six officials, including Shulan Communist Party Chief Li Pengfei.

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This was due to the handling of the second wave which had so far resulted in 18 confirmed cases since May 7.

Video footage of the new lockdown measures has now emerged as entire streets of shops close their doors to the public.

This footage also shows the significant drop in foot traffic in previously busy areas and new barriers erected in hopes of containing the second wave. 

To deal with the expected spike in coronavirus cases, on Friday the Jilin Ice Sports Centre was converted into a field hospital in 48 hours.

Currently, the total number of new infections in Jilin is suspected to be 33, since the first case of the current wave was reported on May 7.

The total number of confirmed cases stood at 82,954 as of May 17 while the death toll remained unchanged at 4,633.

China also reported 18 new asymptomatic cases on May 17 however the country does not include people who test positive but show no symptoms, such as fever, in its tally of confirmed infections.

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