Britney Spears releases her unheard track ‘Mood Ring’ in US

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Britney Spears is treating her fans to a worldwide release of her mostly unheard track ‘Moon Ring’ at midnight.

The song was previously only released in Japan as a bonus track on her 2016 album ‘Glory’. 

She made the announcement on Thursday with a bubbly animated video. 

But even with so much anticipation surrounding her own music, Britney Spears opted to highlight a fellow pop princess’ tune on her Instagram stories.

“You’ve been asking for it. ‘Mood ring’ tonight,” the announcement video read.

‘My love is a mood ring, Up and down emotions, all these mood swings, you know how to read the touch of my skin, Nothing on my body but this mood ring, You change me,’ she sings in the song.

Earlier this month, Britney’s little sister Jamie Lynn dished to the Hollywood Reporter on her sister’s potential new releases.

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