Binge streaming site: Tahnee Atkinson launches Binge and The Iconic’s new inactivewear clothing line

She’s best known for modelling lingerie and swimwear — so after spending 12 weeks of lockdown on the couch, being asked to sport trakky dacks was the ultimate back-to-work gig for Tahnee Atkinson.

The former Australia’s Next Top Model has made a name for herself globally with major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, but she’s been just like the rest of us during coronavirus lockdown — dressing down and binge-watching her favourite shows.

“This is the best first job to come back to because this has been what I’ve been wearing for the past three months,” the 28-year-old told News Corp as she tried out The Iconic’s new line of Binge “inactivewear”.

Australian model Tahnee Atkinson doing a shoot for Binge's new "inactivewear" line of clothing made by The Iconic. Picture: Sam Ruttyn
media_cameraAustralian model Tahnee Atkinson doing a shoot for Binge’s new “inactivewear” line of clothing made by The Iconic. Picture: Sam Ruttyn

“I’ve been binge-watching TV series and relaxing in comfortable clothing.

“So when I found out this was my first job back after Covid and that I would be in inactive loungewear, I was happy because I probably haven’t been as active as I perhaps should be. It’s much better than a bikini.”

Sixty-eight per cent of Australians have spent lockdown in relaxed, casual clothing, according to a new survey — and most admitted to often wearing the same clothes on consecutive days, with just 22 per cent changing daily.

The survey for streaming service Binge shines an interesting light on Aussie viewing habits, including the fact that biggest group (50 per cent) say they prefer to binge-watch alone, followed by 42 per cent who like to do it with their partner. Only 7 per cent like to binge with the family.

The favourite place is a sofa and while savouries are the fave snack, more than a quarter prefer not to ear while watching.on a sofa.

The research shows overwhelmingly that bingeing and streaming increased in recent months, with almost half the respondents (49 per cent) revealing they sometimes “multi-tasked” by binge-watching while supposedly working from home.

Australian model Tahnee Atkinson in Binge's new "inactivewear" line of clothing made by The Iconic. Picture: Sam Ruttyn
media_cameraAustralian model Tahnee Atkinson in Binge’s new “inactivewear” line of clothing made by The Iconic. Picture: Sam Ruttyn

However, asked if they feel embarrassed by the increased screen-time, almost three-quarters say no — Atkinson among them.

“I unapologetically spent a lot of time in activewear watching a heap of series and movies I had wanted to watch,” she said.

After several weeks of daggy gear, a significant minority of 41 per cent are looking for some stylish new leisurewear to upgrade their look; while 40 per cent feel apprehensive at the prospect of having to put effort into work clothes again.

“The ensemble I am wearing now couldn’t have come at a better time,” Atkinson said of The Iconic Binge collection, which aims to retain the comfort of lockdown while staying on trend.

There are 19 unisex pieces, available at The Iconic from Tuesday, each with one of streaming service Binge’s trademark cheeky quotes.

Despite the grimness of the world wide pandemic, Atkinson is among 58 per cent of Australians= who say they are going to miss the forced restrictions to some degree because it gave them a chance to watch their favourite TV shows and allowed them to live a slower, less hectic life.

“It has been a weird time, but not a bad time” she said.

“I spent some time down south with my boyfriend then I was in WA with my family for almost three months living a very simple life.

“I went on lots of bushwalks, did a bit of cooking and gardening and of course some TV bingeing.”

“It has been nice being able to reset, get really healthy and relax and have a break.”

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