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Adele, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
Adele, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

 Adele, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Stella McCartney, and poet Amanda Gorman have all signed up to be a part of the initiative Meghan Markle launched on 40th birthday.

While acting on Meghan’s plea, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also shared the poem on Instagram and encouraged her followers to get involved in the project.

On her 40th birthday, the Duchess of Sussex released a video with her friend and American actress Melissa McCarthy.

In the video posted on Prince Harry and Meghan’s website, the Duchess launched 40×40 campaign,

which encourages women to return to the workplace, and asks leaders to contribute 40 minutes of their time to mentor other women.

As part of her birthday message, she asked her followers to share a readymade Instagram post featuring a poem publicising 40×40.

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