Aaron Rodgers will NOT leave the Packers because why would he? —  Acho | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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Before the season, Aaron Rodgers discussed leaving the Green Bay Packers afterwards. However, that statement has raised some second thoughts with the Packers now on pace to win 13 games. This would mark the third season he would finish with 13+ wins under Head Coach Matt LaFleur. Emmanuel Acho, Joy Taylor, and Bucky Brooks debate whether this season will keep Rodgers in Green Bay or not.

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Aaron Rodgers will NOT leave the Packers because why would he? — Acho | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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47 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers will NOT leave the Packers because why would he? — Acho | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF”
  1. Rodgers also said he is also big on his legacy and play for one team is a big part of it. And he doesn't want to be a lame duck quarterback

  2. Joy is one of the reason I watch these sports shows… but she needs to lead her own show. Get a retired player, one veteran journalist, with joy at the lead. Have a guest every so often. Then boom! Trust me

  3. Rodgers doing a 1-2 year deal somewhere like Saints or Steelers then retiring. Regardless if they win this year he’s out

  4. I don't think A-Rod will leave. The only doubt I have is that Davante Adams isn't under contract next year…. and he wants $$$…… and the Packers don't have much $$$. I don't know if Adams leaving would cause him to leave or not, ik he trusts Cobb, Lazard, and MVS but Adams is just different lol. So ig we just gotta wait and see ig.

  5. I honestly don't see him leaving Green Bay. Sure, it makes for great click bait and viewers when presenting made up, fantastical rumors and trade proposals, but it's not reality. This said, I didn't expect Favre to end up elsewhere. I was also shocked when Montana left San Fran. Realistically, though, why would he leave? He has it good in Green Bay. It seems they've finally listened as an organization and dipped into free agency more than the past. He loves playing there, it's one of the best franchises in the history of any sport, he loves the fan base, and it seems the relationship with upper management is better (was it ever as bad as the media made it out to be?). Why leave?

    As to Adams, if Rodgers comes back, expect to see an extension. I'm betting that will be part of the deal with Rodgers, that Adams is signed. If Rodgers goes, expect the franchise tag with Adams.

  6. It feels like every day for the past decade I've been told that Rodgers is leaving Green Bay. News flash; he's still there. What is the media's obsession with this?

  7. Why would Rodgers go to Denver and deal with Herbert and Mahomes… minimum 4 times a year???

  8. I can't believe how dumb people are…… Rodgers is a drama queen….he isn't going anywhere

  9. lol y’all still mad that he won’t get a stupid shot. Oh and for the record, he never. Everyone in the media drew conclusions.

  10. Im a cowboys fan so by default…2014 and 2016 playoffs ring a bell???…..anyways with that being said im sick of these guys saying he is a liar because he said he was immunized. People really need to go back to that interview. He was asked a very personal question regarding his decision that was best for his health….hippa laws ring a bell? But instead of choosing not to answer a personal question he chose to answer it with as much grace as possible. Now all of the sudden hes a liar…to the media

  11. Got to keep joy Taylor on the show you finally get to see her black side when not with colin

  12. He gonna pull a Payton a Brady. Better because cowboys going to beat the faney pack now

  13. Joy stick to being Colin's co-host you have no idea what you are talking about you brought up zero valid points all you brought up was skepticism

  14. This is what? Jordans second season? Aaron was back up how many years? 2 and 3 respectively. And no contract after next year? I think we're overlooking the biggest factor in this which is the contract negotiations. Are they gonna be willing to sign him to another 3-4 year deal, or have a stubborn GM that doesn't want to see his first round, handpicked successor shipped off somewhere else. Ik it seems stupid to us rn given how ARod is playing but don't be surprised if they offer him something he doesn't like and he chooses to go elsewhere.

  15. So you're you folks are getting ready to go through the same thing you went through with Aaron Rodgers I'm going to retire I'm going to leave and then they don't and this game is going to go on for the next 5 or 6 years apparently some people don't believe in history repeating itself you watch what I tell you he's got you people over a barrel especially you media types and he's going to ride this pony into the ground as for me dgaf don't give a…

  16. Yo when Joy Taylor said "Show me a pretty woman and I'll show you someone whose tired of her stuff', 🤣😂

  17. If Rodgers win a ring this year he will stay or go to a team with the highest offer.

  18. Someone Anyone pls pls for all holy healthcare ask Joy to eat a salad Ms like it's just unattractive …. Happy New Year BBW

  19. There really isn't any place else to go. The division sucks so he get auto playoffs every year.

  20. Not joy's best ever segment, good overall take, just didn't like her delivery here, too many pauses and 'you know what I mean' when she hadn't yet explained herself.

  21. In the offseason, I believed Rodgers was unappreciated by the Packers, and treated wrongly by upper management. Then we find out Rodgers willfully lied (or misled, of you're being generous) about his vaccine status to the public, and was too much of a superstar to follow protocols for unvaccinated when facing the media. Now, I have doubts about how much of what he said about management is true, and about what management say about him is not false. The smartest guy in the room is perfectly comfortable with lying whenever it suits him.

  22. My Dream is that the Raiders get Eric Bieniemy and A. Rogers 🤲🏿 They need to make it happen some how.

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