Aaron Rodgers is not going to let the Green Bay Packers down — Brandon | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he’s “100% all in” as he returns to the Green Bay Packers, and to Brandon Marshall that’s a good sign for the season. Watch as he tells Nick Wright what a fully committed Rodgers means for the Packers’ Super Bowl chances.

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Aaron Rodgers is not going to let the Green Bay Packers down — Brandon | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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16 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers is not going to let the Green Bay Packers down — Brandon | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST”
  1. NFL will never see the numbers they have in the past when it comes to attendance, merch, and TV ratings. Lifetime Packers fan/ shareholder and I wont watch a single game or spend a 💲 on merch until they stop with the illuminati ritual halftime shows, racial division propaganda, & encouraging human genocide with mandatory jab bs

  2. Marshall is sooooooo much better on football than basketball. He’s still loose with the logic in his arguments but he and nick will have a good chemistry for this football season

  3. And here goes with the media again, telling us more BS and, they will most likely get it wrong again.

  4. Everything the Packers need to win has been in place the last two season. They just need to go out and get the job done. I have never seen so many excuses for a team that has made 2 consecutive championship games. They are superbowl or bust and Gutekunst has assembled the roster for them to get it done.

  5. Now it makes sense why they brought Brandon football season is approaching 😂 something he knows about

  6. Aaron Rodgers competing, of course the Packers are gonna benefit but I can't see framing it as in "not to let the Packers down". Especially since this SAME PANEL said he's gonna be gone next season.

  7. Speak for yourself nick. Ima packers fan and im not ok with it.😫😩😭🤦‍♂️😭

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