A deepening rivalry may result in ‘high-end armed conflict’

media_playA deepening rivalry may result in 'high-end armed conflict'

A deepening rivalry may result in ‘high-end armed conflict’

The rivalry is deepening between China and the United States which could result in “high-end armed conflict” in Australia’s region according to Melbourne University Professor Michael Wesley.

He said the “rhetoric is ramping up” between the two powers, with each nation’s military operations being made “with the other in mind”.

“This is conflict between two very, very well capacitied great powers, so that can have major effects on instability in the region”.

“And quite possibly draw allies of the United States, like Australia, into the conflict as well”.

His comments come in the wake of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Wednesday announcement in which he warned Australia must prepare for a new reality as it navigates “a poorer, more dangerous and more disorderly world”.

The Prime Minister issued the sobering warning today as he announced a $270 billion boost to defence as part of a 10-year funding model.

Mr Wesley said the world will certainly be more “unstable” in a post COVID-19 context.

“Certainly instability is going to increase”.

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