6 SIMPLE MISTAKES Youre STILL MAKING in Fortnite Season 8

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48 thoughts on “6 SIMPLE MISTAKES You’re STILL MAKING in Fortnite Season 8 And EASY WAYS TO FIX THEM”
  1. This season blows balls and i will just not lvl my battle pass to 100. And return next season. Everything about this season blows balls.

  2. I'm looking for 2 people for my trio for the preseason tournament tomorrow 19.00. You need to be 12+ (age) -idc about PR and roles, just be good enough for the trio -Div 8+ (champs at least) -pc or console, but pc if you can -Eu servers -You need a microphone Answer me if you want to be part of the trio!

  3. 3:00 man said especially being how many snipers are available in the game right now
    Let's make a list:
    Automatic sniper
    Automatic sniper
    Automatic sniper🤨

  4. Thanks guys btw i didn't know mythic weapons can be crafted lol. Really love this game, but my builds and edits are still not good enough rip.

  5. 1.the season come out a week and a half ago
    2.there’s three snipers 1 is almost extinct the other is the bolt you can buy the last if we are being honest is a shit ar with a scope on it

  6. I love the respect these guys have for noobs. They are very noob friendly and that's not something you see often. Too many toxic people online these days, we need more people like this.

  7. Who else pucks pistol over shotgun? I started a week ago…played bout 200 games and got decent stats… But i suck with shotgun as opposed to pistol…

  8. Most of my mistakes occur in fights during rotating. Decision making on what the following g move I make during the fight is what I notice I get eliminated to the most. If a great mechanical player could sit in a call with me for a while and be willing to give me crucial tips and feedback, I could improve at a faster rate. 2 or more brains is better than one! 🙂

  9. Mistake: Push and make me die if a fight take to much time to finish. I schould push back instead of push throw.

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