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Urgent Needed Haldwani riots: a Jamiat delegation visits the region and 25 further arrests bring the total to 30.

illegal country At a madrasa in Uttarakhand’s Haldwan, police said on Sunday that 25 more people had been arrested in connection with the February 8 riots. A delegation of two Muslim groups visited the area, claiming that protesters were treated differently because of their faith.

Prahlad Meena, Superintendent of Police, Nainital, reported that thirty people are currently in custody as a result of the recent arrests. He also mentioned that the big criminal Abdul Malik will be arrested soon.

The demolition of an illegally constructed madrasa in Banbhoolpura district sparked unrest on Thursday. Residents pelted police and municipal workers with stones and petrol bombs, forcing many officers to take refuge in the police station, which was then set on fire by the mob.Six rioters were killed in the incident, and according to the police, more than a hundred people were injured, including media and police.

Curfew lifted outside Banbhoolpura but remained in force in the city. The roads of Banbhoolpura were empty and its shops remained closed.Internet services were also suspended to prevent people in the vicinity from spreading rumors on social media.

Currently there are almost 1100 security guards in the area. In addition, the state government has requested four companies of about 100 personnel, the paramilitary central force, from the interior ministry to maintain peace and order in Banbhoolpura.A Congress group in Uttarakhand met Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dham during the day and demanded an impartial inquiry into the violence.

Dhami informed the delegation led by Opposition Assembly Leader Yashpal Arya that the state government has taken immediate steps to maintain peace and order in the rebel area and that the Kumaon Commissioner will conduct an administrative inquiry and submit its findings.

The Prime Minister promised to take strict action against the perpetrators of violence.Action against rioters and miscreants involved in Haldwan violence will continue. One by one, all the rioters are arrested. The prime minister announced in X’s message that the “fight against illegal invasions into the country will not end”. Speaking tomedia on Sunday evening, SSP Meena said that most of the recent arrests took place within Nainital district in the last 24 hours.

The arrested were in possession of seven firearms and 54 live cartridges, which were allegedly seized by Banbhoolpura police station, police added.When asked if the first accused Abdul Malik was among those arrested, the SSP said he would be arrested soon.Malik allegedly built an illegal structure, the destruction of which sparked the violence.

A group of representatives of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind visited Haldwan on Sunday.Jamiat leader Maulana Arshad Madani condemned the police action in Haldwan and described the delegation and results as deeply distressing.

He said According to the report, police arrest people in violation of all restrictions on cruelty and abuse, even break down doors and force entry into houses,to make accusations that haunted both men and women.

Yesterday we also sent a letter to the Directorate General of Uttarakhand requesting urgent attention to this matter. He stated that the brutal series of arrests that have begun should be stopped immediately, barring the exploitation of innocent citizens.Madani stated that a thorough investigation of the entire incident is necessary. He said that local people protesting against the regime is not a crime.

He claimed that the locals organized a demonstration against the municipal officials and the police, who came with the bulldozers and the police and used a stick and started shooting and  stop it .Madani claimed that the police “come against partisan Muslims everywhere instead of ensuring law and order, they behave differently in situations involving other people,Religious discrimination between demonstrators (different groups) is questionable,andquot; he noted.

Another Jamiat group leader Maulana Mahmood Madani has written a letter to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah expressing deep concern over the situation in Haldwan.

He questioned the demolition and the speed and called for a long-term solution to the demolitions, especially when it comes to religious services.

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