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Urgent Needed Remote Software Developer – C++

BotGuard is a European company established in 2019 and headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. We operate globally, with clients and partners in more than 30 countries around the world.

We develop easy to implement, state of the art, online tools to protect companies from modern-day web threats.

We are building most of our new services in C/C++ and some in Go.  We are looking for the ability to develop production-level services in C++, patch and extend opensource software like Nginx or Apache,  and willingness to learn new technologies as well.

Our Engineers have wide responsibilities over the whole development lifecycle so knowledge of tools such as Git, Docker, K8S and even Regular expressions, SQL with HTML will become handy. We are looking for engineers who can solve problems together,  think about big problems such as scalability and availability and sometimes go against the current to also challenge the common decision. Understanding Networking and Web Security will greatly help you succeed.

In addition to technical expertise, we value taking ownership beyond the obvious, your motivation to learn new things you don’t yet master, ability to make decisions together with your team and willingness to collaborate with different internal teams.

What You Will Be Doing

– You will develop our integration modules for web servers such as Nginx and Apache,  patch opensource libraries and tools.

– You will implement new functions in our bot detection engine written in C++.

– You will design and develop new networking and web security products.

– You may also be involved in web development: our web site engine is partially powered by C++.

What You Won’t Be Doing

– We’re building lots of new stuff with minimal technical debt so you can focus on developing new features.

Basic Requirements

– 10+ years of professional C/C++ software development experience with a track record of long-term projects across multiple companies

– Expertise in low-level and systems/network programming

– Experience with web security

– Experience with SQL

– Working experience with Golang is a big plus

– Working experience with PHP/XML/HTML/CSS is a plus

– Curiosity, enthusiasm and strong desire to learn and improve.

– Time management and asynchronous communication skills relevant for a remote-first engineering organization.

Our tech-stack

– C++

– Golang


– RabbitMQ

– PostgreSQL

– Clickhouse

– Kubernetes

– Gitlab CI/CD

We are striving to create a diverse and inclusive environment. We encourage all applicants to apply for our roles.  We value and actively seek diverse talent!

Get to know us a bit better:

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