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Why is it that some folks seem to draw life’s luck whereas others encounter greater than their justifiable share of dangerous luck? Is there one thing fortunate folks have or do which makes them so? In that case, can those that think about themselves unfortunate be taught from their fortunate counterparts? Are fortunate folks born or made?

The excellent news is you can create your individual luck. Analysis by Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman shares how, in his ebook ‘The Luck Factor.’ The writer undertook intensive analysis and found that persona shapes how fortunate we’re. Wiseman’s means that there are 5 Dimensions of Persona: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism (or OCEAN). All of us fall someplace between the extremes on every of the Dimensions. Here’s a hyperlink to a free Persona Dimensions questionnaire.

The writer found that 3 of the 5 Dimensions,  Extroversion, Neuroticism and Openness did have an effect.

Those that are extra outgoing may have a wider social group they interact with, rising their probabilities of alternatives. Those that rating low on Neuroticism are extra relaxed. When relaxed, you’re extra doubtless to pay attention to your environment and to identify alternatives. A excessive rating on Openness means you’ll be readier to grab alternatives and check out completely different experiences. This mixture of being well-connected, relaxed and curious creates the optimum circumstances for being fortunate.

With elevated consciousness of what it takes to be luckier, it’s attainable to reverse the tendency to draw dangerous luck.


When fortunate folks did endure misfortune, they have been swifter, when in comparison with unfortunate folks, to reframe what had occurred to them. As an illustration “thank goodness I only suffered minor whiplash in that car accident. It could have been so much worse!” So- what’s the recipe for these of you who aren’t pure extroverts, and whose concept of hell is small discuss at events and ‘networking?’ What if you’re uncomfortable making an attempt new experiences, don’t like surprises, and who the considered a weekend away within the tranquillity of a spa break brings you out in a chilly sweat?

Key ideas:

  1. Lengthen your community. You don’t must be an extrovert to increase your community.  Use platforms reminiscent of LinkedIn. Make investments effort in attending to know some folks effectively and creating significant relationships. Ask for introductions to new folks you’d like to attach with via present contacts if that’s extra snug.
  2. Calm down. In case your rating was excessive on Neuroticism, make time to chill out, meditate or breathe deeply. Executed usually, it will assist centre you and make you extra conscious of what’s occurring round you, rising the chance you’ll spot alternatives. Visualise success and make each day constructive affirmations. These will assist to lift your expectations of turning into luckier
  3.  Alter your routine. Should you ordinarily favor predictability, throw the cube for a change. Have six choices, one for every quantity, all of that are new experiences. Decide to observe via on the exercise the cube lands on. Alter your routine every now and then.

Luck is the place alternative meets preparation‘         Seneca.

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