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Customs Officers Did not Cost Rs. 6.106 Million Obligation on Vapes

vape scaled e1675517259256

The Customs division has directed 4 Principal Appraisers posted at Islamabad airport to offer a reply in three days for failing to cost 20% customs obligation in assessing vape e-cigarettes.

Sources mentioned that the Collectorate of Customs Islamabad Worldwide Airport Islamabad has directed Principal Appraisers specifically Sarfaraz Ahmed, Habibullah Malik, Sana Saeed, and Anika Malik to submit solutions in three days for failing to cost 20% Customs obligation.

The above-mentioned officers have assessed vape e-cigarettes of various importers and as per the foundations, they’re supposed to gather 20% customs obligation whereas the officers assessed the topic GDs beneath PCT heading 8543.9090 with 0% Customs obligation.

This inefficiency and negligence on their half have resulted within the lack of obligation/taxes to the nationwide exchequer price Rs. 6.106 million and falls throughout the definition of “Inefficiency & Mis-conduct” as outlined beneath civil servants (E&D) guidelines, 2022.

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