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what is the weirdest/most inappropriate electronic mail signature you’ve got seen? — Ask a Supervisor

what’s the weirdest/most inappropriate electronic mail signature you’ve seen?

What’s the strangest/funniest/most unprofessional/most inappropriate electronic mail signature you’ve seen at work?

To begin us off, listed here are some that readers have shared prior to now:

  • “I have a coworker who has a quote from himself as part of his email signature. That’s pretty off-putting.”
  • “Analyst misspelled as Analist”
  • “A customer had her entire multi-day destination wedding schedule in her work email signature for months before her actual wedding.”
  • “I had someone with a signature block with a picture of Skittles and ‘chase the rainbow’ once from a giant corporation. The giant corp wasn’t related to candy or a MARS subsidiary to say the least.”
  • “A former boss had an email signature that said she was doing field work so her email responses would be delayed. She didn’t do field work. She was just really bad at replying to emails.”
  • “I’ve seen signatures with Justin Bieber gif with sparkles and rainbow … auto-play MIDI file of holiday music … and an animated unicorn leaping across page.”

The feedback are open…

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