Wholesale Food Prices Index Goes Down by 1.36% – News

June 7 (BTA) – The index of wholesale food prices fell down by 1.36 per cent to 1.545 points this past week, the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Wholesale Markets said on Sunday.

The index’s baseline of 1 point was established in 2005.

The wholesale price of hothouse tomatoes increased by 7.23 per cent to 2.23 leva/kg. Hothouse cucumbers appreciated by 6.3 per cent to 2.36 leva/kg. Potatoes went down by 4.6 per cent and traded at 0.83 leva/kg. Carrots lost 3.8 per cent and traded at 0.57 leva/kg. Cabbage went down by 17.4 per cent and was selling at 0.57 leva/kg. Imported red peppers depreciated by 2.4 per cent and traded at 3.30 leva/kg on average. Lettuce lost 16.7 per cent to 0.55 leva per piece.

Apples lost 5.0 per cent to 1.94 leva/kg. Lemons went down by 5.8 per cent to 3.30 leva/kg. Strawberries depreciated by 18.2 per cent to 3.34 leva/kg. Cherries lost 15.6 per cent to 2.76 leva/kg.

The wholesale price of white brined cheese from cow’s milk went up by 1.3 per cent to 6.95 leva/kg. Vitosha yellow kashkaval cheese lost 1.5 per cent and sold at 11.35 leva/kg. Sunflower oil gained 2.7 per cent and traded at 2.09 leva/litre. Butter from cow’s milk was selling at 1.92 leva per 125-gram pack.

Frozen chicken traded at 4.02 leva/kg, and sugar at 1.37 leva/kg. Grade 500 flour gained 1.7 per cent to 1.02 leva/kg. Rice went up by 3.2 per cent to 2.26 leva/kg. Eggs were available at 0.17 leva apiece. RI/PP


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