Trump hails ‘warriors’ attending first rally in 3 months

media_playTrump rally a ‘petri dish’ for spreading COVID-19

Trump rally a ‘petri dish’ for spreading COVID-19

US President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is “one of the worst things that can be done” to spread COVID-19 with tens of thousands in close quarters and many more outside, Cypress College’s Professor Peter Mathews says.

“It’s just a petri dish,” he told Sky News.

“People with no masks required to be worn, just handing out masks to be voluntarily worn.

“Not required to wear face masks, not required to social distance, but if you do get sick you can’t sue us.

“It’s just a horrible fiasco right now, and I think that it should’ve been stopped by a judge from taking place.”

His remarks come after six staffers working on Mr Trump’s rally tested positive for COVID-19.

“Many more will be carrying it to other parts of the country because these are not just Oklahoma, these are thousands from around the surrounding states who are coming to attend this rally,” Professor Mathews said.

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