Truck with 400,000 MASKS parked outside German cafe gets stolen & RANSACKED — RT World News


In what looked like a carefully planned carjacking, a vehicle full of face masks went missing in southwestern Germany within just ten minutes – as if to prove that personal protective gear has become the new gold.

The prelude to the brazen theft saw a local driver make a brief stop near the town of Wertheim in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. He parked his white Ford van – loaded with a whopping 400,000 protective masks – outside a fast food restaurant and went inside to take a break.

The driver was absent for only ten minutes, but it was enough for the perpetrators to hijack the van and get away undetected. Half a day later, the van was found abandoned in the vicinity, but the masks, of course, were nowhere to be found.

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Germany-bound shipment of 6 MILLION face masks vanishes in Kenya

Incidents of this kind are not entirely unique these days. In March, six million masks, ordered by Germany to protect health workers battling Covid-19, mysteriously vanished in Kenya, while in April Spanish police opened an investigation after two million masks were stolen from a local warehouse.

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