TPL Trakker partners with NITB

KARACHI: TPL Trakker has partnered with National Information Technology Board (NITB) and National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) to support their national efforts in Pakistan’s fight against Covid-19.

Through this collaboration, TPL Maps, the mapping arm of TPL Trakker, would play a critical role in helping the people of Pakistan during this pandemic by mapping, analysing and reporting cases across major cities, a statement said on Saturday.

Given the recent surge in coronavirus cases, the interactive map marking hotspots of the rampant spread of the disease, would help provincial governments in imposing geo-based smart lockdowns, making them efficient and effective.

TPL Trakker CEO Sarwar Ali Khan said, “With corporate social responsibility at the heart of our business operations, we take deep pride in supporting government organisations and a national cause through our technological capabilities.”

The partnership is in line with TPL’s mission of using disruptive technologies to maximise shareholder return and achieve sustainable growth for its group of digital companies.

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