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Sky News’ Sam Coates was left stunned as he was cut off during the Monday coronavirus briefing. Health Secretary Matt Hancock was asked by Mr Coates on the details of contact tracing in the UK and how likely the Government was to reimpose lockdown measures if the rate of infection began to rise. Mr Coates said: “If the R rate goes up or the seven-day rolling average goes up or starts to plateau, how likely is it that you would reimpose some of the blanket lockdown measures?

“Some people think that you simply won’t do that under almost any circumstances.”

Mr Coates also questioned Professor Newton for the details on what percentage of people who have confirmed infections today were contacted by contacted tracers.

He also asked about how many people who were contacted were compliant with requests to self-isolate by the contact tracers. 

Mr Hancock insisted the UK Government was taking cautious steps and the overall goal was to keep the R below 1 as the country moves out of lockdown. 

However, when Mr Coates hoped to push for more detail, his mic was muted and the presser moved on to the next member of the media. 

More to follow…

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