Sadiq Khan branded ‘worst EVER London Mayor’ as furious caller unleashes in scathing rant | UK | News

The caller introduced as Rajith told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham that Mr Khan is trying to destroy the history of England’s capital city. Mr Graham agreed with the caller and warned the London Mayor that he does not own the heritage of the city.

Rajith said: “London is one of the oldest cities in the world and he is trying to destroy the history of London.

“This is layers and layers of history built up over centuries.

“We have still got all these wonderful historical places and sites and this is a man who wants to trash it.

“He is the worst Mayor we have ever had.

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“It is disappointing that other great candidates have pulled out.

“How long do we have to endure this, that is all I can say?”

Mr Graham replied: “That is true, somebody pointed out to me as well that London is not just for Londoners it is the capital of Great Britain.

“It is our capital city and it is good for it to be as representative as possible, not just for those people that vote for the Mayor.

Mr Bailey told “I have two secret weapons to beat Sadiq Khan.

“One this is not a party political thing for me, this is about appealing to Londoners that have to work for a living.

“The vast majority of London works so hard just to make ends meet, my politics is about making that journey through life a little bit easier, safer and more pleasurable.

“The other thing is Sadiq Khan, his record is woeful, it is a simple fact.”

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