Royal family: Baby news for Catherine, Meghan, Beatrice and Eugenie?

Get ready for Royal Baby Bingo: If reports are to believed, there’s going to be a Windsor baby boom, as virtually every woman of child-bearing age in the Royal Family is rumoured to have a Chelsea Bun in the oven.

Hoorah for the Hooray Henrys, I say — at least they are providing some interest in this COVID entertainment desert.

I love a royal baby.

From the inevitable frenzy of when, where and how they’ll give birth, to the name game (will it be trad Anne, Henry or Edward from the Little Baby Book Of Kings and Queens, or rad like Archie, Savannah or Lena), to the baby clothes, which range from looking like they came straight out 1950s storage to the “I’m so laid-back, I’ve just clad Archie in his nappy and vest” choice of Meghan for his first birthday video.

So, who exactly is picked to pop? If recent news stories are to be believed, there are four knocking at the door, with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge reportedly expecting number four, Meghan, Duchess of Santa Barbara, sorry, Sussex, expecting baby number two, and both Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie up the duff with their first. Oh, say it is true — how good would that be.

Is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, expecting her fourth child? Picture: Henry Nicholls/AFP
media_cameraIs Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, expecting her fourth child? Picture: Henry Nicholls/AFP

And how do we know all this? Because we’ve been Zooming in on them. Yes, the online world has spotted something different about recent virtual chats.

Meghan, it is said, appeared to have a much fuller face and glow in her recent Zoom chat with her charity Smart Works.

Wearing a white blazer with her hair tied back, she did look glowing, it’s true, although – whispers — she could have just been pandemic baking.

And it wouldn’t be a total surprise — Prince Harry previously admitted in an interview with Jane Goodall, that he wanted “two, maximum” and Meghan is aged 39, so tickety tock.

They don’t want more, Harry added, because he believes the earth is borrowed and we all need to leave something better behind for the next generation. His $20 million mansion perhaps.


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Meanwhile, Catherine’s biggest clue is that she has changed her hairstyle. This, as any self-respecting royal-watcher knows, is the number one sign she’s pregnant. Or she fancied a trim. One of the two is definitely true.

It was later confirmed say royal insiders, because she wore a “flowing maxi dress” on a recent engagement with Prince William in London. When we say “flowing”, we mean peg-doll-sized, but let’s not split heirs.

Over to Eugenie, who has suffered “is Eugenie pregnant” headlines ever since she married Jack Brooksbank in 2018 – who also had an apparent glow in a Zoom chat with the Teenage Cancer Trust and was then photographed carrying an orange parcel and alleged bump as she arrived at Balmoral last month.

UK bookies have slashed the odds of a baby announcement.

But it’s Beatrice that really means business — she was actually snapped visiting a baby shop in London recently. It could well be true, or she could have been buying something for her four-year-old stepson Wolfie.

Whatever the truth, it might be a Full House at the palace. Still, nobody could say they don’t have room.

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