Regulator Lowers Natural Gas Price by 9% in June – News

NW 19:42:31 01-06-2020

Lowers Natural Gas Price by 9%
in June

Sofia, June 1 (BTA) – In June, the price of natural gas will be set at 20.33 lv/MWh (exclusive of access and transmission fees, excise and VAT tax) which is lower by 9 per cent (2.02 lv/MW/h) from May, said Energy and Water Regulatory Commission Chair Ivan Ivanov on Monday. He spoke at a briefing after a closed-door meeting of the regulator which fixed the price of natural gas.

The regulator also set the price at which end suppliers sell natural gas to customers connected to the gas distribution network. The regulator didn’t adjust the price of heating generated by the heating utilities under the newly adopted ordinance on heating prices regulation. Ivanov said there are three reasons for this. First, in June the heating utilities do not generate heating energy for household users. Secondly, the price of natural gas has hit a historic low. And thirdly, if the price is adjusted it will be valid for no longer than 10 days as the procedure under the new ordnance takes 20 days.

Ivanov said that the regulator will factor in the adjusted prices of natural gas in its annual decision which it will adopt on July 1. He assured that this won’t be to the detriment of end users of heating energy and that the regulator would have done the same thing if the price of natural gas had gone up. NV/PP

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