Recent polls ‘make extremely bleak viewing for Trump campaign’

media_playRecent polls 'make extremely bleak viewing for Trump campaign'

Recent polls ‘make extremely bleak viewing for Trump campaign’

Sky News Foreign Coordinator Brent O’Halloran says the COVID-19 pandemic and the killing of George Floyd are two events which have had “a massive impact on President Trump’s chances of winning a second term”.

Mr O’Halloran told Sky News several polls released in the last few days “make for extremely bleak viewing for the Trump campaign”.

“The four key swing states, which typically decide a presidential election, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin … Trump appears to be losing in all of those”.

Mr O’Halloran said a recent CNN poll showed “the majority of (Joe) Biden voters, 60 per cent, aren’t voting for Biden, but rather against Trump”.

The US presidential election is set to take place in November 2020, with Joe Biden recently clinching the Democratic nomination.

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