Princess Diana was ‘infatuated’ with Pakistani surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan

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Dr Hasnat Khan had paid little to no attention to Princess Diana upon their first meeting

Princess Diana’s secret relationship with Pakistani doctor Hasnat Khan had been the talk of town after she parted ways with Prince Charles.

While many may be unaware of the linkup buzz between the two, it has been reported that the heart surgeon had been the one portal of normalcy in Diana’s life.

If reports are to be believed, Khan had paid little to no attention to the Princess of Wales upon their first meeting and had instead focused on treating one of his patients. The most photographed woman in the world had been highly impressed by this unusual act, with his behavior giving her a constant taste of normalcy that she had craved for in her former royal life.

While the two reportedly hid their relationship for 18 months, Diana parted ways with him only months prior to her death.

Royal biographer Martyn Gregory during a BBC 5 Live podcast series had said: “We don’t know very much about [the relationship] because Hasnat Khan himself never spoke at the time and he’s certainly never spoken since her death.”

“But we do know that they were an item and we do know that they separated early in the last summer,” he added.

“Diana was keen herself to keep it private because he was, he still is, a very noted heart surgeon. One of the key reasons why they did split up was because he didn’t want the publicity that he knew being associated with Diana would inevitably bring,” Gregory went on to say.

“It must be said that most people who knew Diana well would say that she was more taken with Hasnat than any person post-Charles,” he said.

Numerous sources have since reported that the late princess had been “infatuated” with the doctor but could not sadly marry him.

Tina Brown writing for Vanity Fair in 2007, had said that Khan “couldn’t face the onslaught of becoming Di’s New Guy.”

She continued that when Diana had denied the linkup completely, “Khan refused all contact with Diana, rendering her predictably hysterical.”

“The secrecy of their affair actually suited Khan, who had no desire to arouse the wrath of his own relatives,” Brown added.

As per reports, Diana and Khan had met in Hyde Park at 10pm in July 1997 and had decided to end their relationship. 

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