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Sofia, June 7 (BTA) –


Telegraf, the only print paper which comes out on Sunday, devotes two full pages to the war of words between fugitive gambling mogul Vassil Bojkov and the government. On Saturday Bojkov attacked Sevdelina Arnaoudova, head of the government press office and said that she had visited his office every month in the past years.  Arnaoudova responded that since she has been working for the government all her meetings with businessmen have been recorded. She added that her last meeting with Bojkov was when he visited GERB’s headquarters together with bTV CEO Florian Skala. Private broadcaster bTV said in a statement that Bojkov introduced Skala to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. In a televised interview security expert Tihomir Bezlov said that possibly Bojkov was then trying to buy bTV to serve as a vehicle for his political ambitions. Bezlov further commented bank statements published by Bojkov which allegedly show that he paid some of his earnings to the incumbent to buy himself political protection. Bezlov matched the dates to protests and the election campaign and speculated that the mogul is making suggestions that he holds documents, data, facts, recordings and eye witnesses in order to strike a deal. quotes Asen Chobanov of the investigative website Bivol as writing in a Facebook post that Arnaoudova bought a house for little over 1 million leva in the Bistritsa district in July 2019. In another story, citing official data of the State Gambling Commission, the website writes that the scheme with lower taxes for Bojkov’s lotteries began in 2014 under the then government of prime minister Plamen Oresharski. The new taxation of 15 per cent for offline operators and 20 per cent for online operators took effect on January 1 2014. The aim was for offline operators to pay more because they were charged 15 per cent on all revenues, while the 20 per cent were charged on the difference between revenues and paid winnings.

* * * writes that Tsvetan Tsvetanov, the former second man in GERB, said that he may run in the general elections next year with a new political project which will lean to the centre right and will adhere to Euroatlantic values.

In a Bulgarian National Radio interview on Sunday he said that he will decide whether he will set up a party within two or three months. According to him, people need new projects as there is huge mistrust in existing parties. According to Tsvetanov, the Bulgarian public needs an economic strategy but the government doesn’t propose such.

On Friday, Tsvetanov who resigned from GERB over a property controversy, visited Vidin, where he met with members who walked out of the party. Former Vidin Mayor Ognyan Tsenkov said that a possible political project was on the agenda.


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