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Sofia, June 9 (BTA) – Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov
had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of Commerce
Wilbur L. Ross, Jr., the Government Information reported on

The Prime Minister stressed the tangible deepening of the
fruitful cooperation between Bulgaria and the US, especially
since his meeting with US President Donald Trump in November
2019 and the Strategic Dialogue between Bulgaria and the US that
 was held in Sofia at the beginning of 2020.

Borissov called attention to trade and economic contacts and the
 significance of US investors for Bulgaria. He welcomed the
intensifying US initiatives for deeper business contacts with
Bulgarian companies, the press release says.

The PM also highlighted energy cooperation. He was adamant that
the Bulgarian Government sets top priority on natural gas
sources and routes diversification. Borissov recalled that a
total of 500 million cu m of liquefied natural gas, including
from the US, were sold on the Bulgarian market at competitive
prices for the first time in 2019.

The head of government noted the progress in the construction of
 the Greece-Bulgaria gas interconnector, which will give the
entire region access to alternative natural gas supplies from
various sources, including the Caspian. Work on the project is
proceeding apace, with topsoil stripped off on over 50 km of the
 pipeline route in Bulgaria and on more than 15 km in Greece.
The Greek company J&P Avax is expected to bring an automatic
welding machine to Bulgaria within two weeks, which will
significantly speed up the building of the interconnector.
Pipes, too, are being manufactured and delivered smoothly, and
over 70 km of the pipes have already arrived and are stored at
three locations in Bulgaria.

Borissov pointed out that a LNG terminal at Alexandroupolis is
being built in full synergy with the interconnector project. He
recalled that at the beginning of 2020 Bulgartransgaz EAD signed
 a tentative agreement on the purchase of a 20 per cent stake in
 the project company that will be building the terminal.
Bulgaria shares tangibly in the implementation of the project
and contributes to the possibility of having LNG supplied from
various sources, including the US, Qatar, Israel, etc.

During the conversation, the Prime Minister noted the challenges
 that the world is facing because of the COVID-19-caused crisis.
 He thanked the US for all its support to Bulgaria’s efforts to
contain the coronavirus. NV/LG

Source: Sofia

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