PM Borissov: Hard Times Lie Ahead, We’re Making Plans for Coming Months to Deal with Crisis – News

Sofia, September 5 (BTA) – Prime Minister Boyko Borissov stressed that the next year and a half will be a most difficult one, while he was attending a construction inspection of a new section of Ring Road, between the Gorublyane road junction and the Mladost road junction in Sofia. ”We are preparing a plan for the coming months, because the country must be ready to deal with the crisis following the pandemic,” said Borissov, quoted by the government’s press service.

The Prime Minister noted that both economic and financial measures in support of businesses will continue to be implemented and praised the good work of Bulgaria’s medical and health services. “We continue to manage the pandemic most successfully in Europe, without people feeling a mental strain – everything is running, there is no sector that is not working at the moment, unlike in other places in Europe. And our indicators are still the best,” he said. Prime Minister Borissov stressed that the global economy continues to be on a decline and the worst months lie ahead. MY/DT

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