Petroleum minister claims fuel crisis will be controlled within 3 days

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Petroleum Omar Ayub said that the petrol crisis will be over in the next three days, stating that action will be taken against hoarders.

The federal minister was speaking to media outside the Peshawar High Court, where he said the government has initiated action against those stocking petroleum reserves which led to an artificial shortage.

“This is the first time that action is being taken against this mafia,” said the federal minister.

Ayub said that during raids, petrol reserves were recovered and cases have been registered against the culprits.

He alleged that the ‘mafia’ is not letting the people take relief from the subsidized petroleum prices, adding that the petrol demand has surged by 30%.

PM orders action against those responsible for petrol shortage

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan in a meeting of the federal cabinet ordered maximum punitive action against those responsible for the artificial petrol shortage in Pakistan.

PM Imran had directed the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and Petroleum Division to take necessary action to ensure regular supplies within two to three days

Due to the reduction in the prices of petroleum products from the beginning of June, the public complained of a shortage of petrol supply at pumps across the country.

The shortage of petrol added to the misery of citizens across the country, including the residents of the financial hub of the country, Karachi.

According to reports, petrol pumps across the country have been facing a shortage of fuel supply.

PHC hears plea on petrol, wheat crisis

The Peshawar High Court held a hearing on a notice pertaining to petrol and wheat crisis in the country.

Omar Ayub also presented before the High Court, where Justice Qaiser Rashid asked about the government measures to mitigate the crisis.

The judge said that the petrol pumps are not taking care of the SOPs and ‘useless’ meetings are being held to discuss the situation.

The PHC judge continued that earlier people faced wheat crisis and now petrol shortage, telling the federal minister he was summoned so that the public can be given quick relief regarding the situation.

The minister told the court that the petrol companies have constituted a ‘mafia’ and creating the shortage.

The court ordered the federal minister to control the situation as soon as possible.

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