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Parliament Back in Session
after Year-end

Sofia, January 13 (BTA) – The Bulgarian Parliament Wednesday is back in session after its year-end recess. In an address to MPs, National Assembly Chair Tsveta Karayancheva urged parties to avoid suggestions about manipulation of the upcoming general elections, as this is hurting democracy. The political groups read their traditional declarations to set out their priorities during the new session.

This is the last session of this 44th legislature. A new parlament will be elected in elections which are expected to take place between Mach 28 and May 28.

MPs from the opposition BSP for Bulgaria did not register for the start of the sitting.

“I call on you to avoid suggestions about a risk of manipulation of the election results. The biggest loser will be Bulgarian democracy,” said Parliament Chair Tsveta Karayancheva in her opening remarks. She expressed the same message on Thursday when representatives of the ruling party GERB met with President Rumen Radev within the framework of his election consultations.

Karayancheva recalled that as early as in September 2020 she sent letters to EU insitutions to invite observer missions at Bulgaria’s general elections.

In their declaration in Parliament, GERB reiterated their call to the President to decide as quickly as possible on the date of the elections. GERB floor leader Daniela Daritkova said: “The last session begins in the situation of a health crisis, caused by the coronavirus. It is this and not protests and attacks by the parliamentary and extraparliamentary opposition or attacks by various oligarchs that is the big challenge before the ruling majority.”

In her words, the health crisis and the mitigation of its effects on the economy are the only possible priority for the government and the ruling coalition.

As she presented her group’s declaration, Socialist leader Kornelia Ninova said they demand a report by the government about the state it is leaving Bulgaria in, “not one for the purposes of television, but a real report”. “During these four years, you continued to develop two parallel Bulgarias: one televized and one real,” said Ninova. “We know that after the elections there will be a change,” the socialist leader said, adding that BSP will work for fair and transparent elections. MORE

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