Married At First Sight star Aleks Markovic flaunts weight loss

Married At First Sight star Aleks Markovic has flaunted her recent weight loss on Instagram, stunning fans with a bedroom selfie plugging a laser hair removal device.

Posing on her bed in a Bonds bra and shorts, the reality star — who was paired with Ivan Sarakula in the controversial Channel 9 experiment this year — showcased her slimmed-down figure, which she credits to a mostly vegan diet.

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Aleks, 26, was partnered with real estate agent Ivan on MAFS, but they decided to leave the experiment ahead of the commitment ceremony.

The pair maintained a relationship outside the show, reconciling off-camera in early January, only to break up for good a month later.

Aleks said she’s changed her lifestyle and diet ‘dramatically’ following her split from Ivan.

“I actually eat vegan now, with a bit of fish on the side. So you could call it pescetarian. Yeah, I’ve changed my diet dramatically, and I don’t really like working out so I never workout. That’s it,” Aleks said of her weight loss in April.

While she made it clear she won’t be hitting the gym any time soon, she said she keeps fit by dancing.

“I’ve discovered TikTok dancing,” Aleks previously told Daily Mail Australia.

Fellow former MAFS stars flocked to comment on Aleks’ latest snap praising her new look, with Cathy Evans writing “Skinny mini!!”

On another photo, Tash, who was paired with Amanda on the show, commented: “LOOK AT YOUR RIG,” while Mike Gunner, from 2019’s season, wrote simply: “Wowee!”

Aleks Markovic has reportedly lost 9kg. Picture: Instagram.
media_cameraAleks Markovic has reportedly lost 9kg. Picture: Instagram.
Aleks and Ivan on MAFS 2020. Picture: Instagram
media_cameraAleks and Ivan on MAFS 2020. Picture: Instagram

According to reports, Aleks has lost 9 kilos since MAFS filming ended.

On a previous Instagram story, the 27-year-old from Perth addressed questions about her weight loss.

“Basically, I’m a lazy b***h, so I hate exercise,” she said.

“So because it was Orthodox Easter, just Sunday gone, I did 40 days of Lent where I gave up all meat products, meat, dairy, et cetera,” she revealed.

“Basically, I was kind of plant-based, you would call it. I felt it was really good, I felt so much more energised, obviously I lost the weight. I loved it, it was so good and considering it was so amazing, I’m going to continue on with this journey.”

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