Indian man becomes centre of attention by making $4,000 solid gold face mask

“The idea to make a gold mask came to my mind when I saw a man wearing a silver mask. As I am fond of gold and love wearing heavy gold chains and rings, I decided why shouldn’t I wear a gold mask? Then I asked my local goldsmith to make a gold mask. The mask is 5.5lbs in weight, and it cost me 289,000 rupees [$3,869]”, Kurade remarked.

Kurade added that the mask has holes to help with breathing, meaning that he is continuing to observe social distancing protocols despite the purchase.

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​”The mask has small holes through its easier to breathe. But as far as its effectiveness is concerned, we know that only wearing a mask is not sufficient social distancing is also necessary. Therefore, while venturing outside when I wear the gold mask, I also properly maintain social distancing”, he stated.

The Maharashtra native added that his family’s love for gold is known in the area, but even then, the mask has garnered a significant amount of attention, from both local residents and national press outlets.

“I become a center of attention when I went outside wearing the gold mask. While my family’s fascination for gold is well-known in the area, a gold mask is a completely new thing, so people were curious about it”, Kurade stated.

India has become of the world’s COVID-19 epicentres in recent weeks, recording more than 22,700 new positive tests on Friday. Since the start of the outbreak, more than 650,000 cases of the disease have been reported by Indian public health officials, and the country’s death toll currently stands above 18,600.

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