Forensic expert says case WILL be solved as suspects ‘hopes of early release dashed’

TOP forensic expert Professor Angela Gallop has today said Madeleine McCann’s disappearance WILL one day be solved.

Professor Gallop, a world-renowned scientist whose work has helped to solve numerous cold cases, said the riddle would finally be solved because “contact always leaves a trace”.

This comes after suspect Christian B’s hopes of an early release have been dashed by a European court.

There was confusion when Reuters reported the sex offender could be freed within days because the European arrest warrant issued cited the drugs conviction but not the rape charge.

However, this preliminary opinion by Advocate General Michal Bobek is not binding and the rest of the court sided with German prosecutors, it has been reported.

The rape happened in 2005, two years before Madeleine disappeared while holidaying with her family in the same resort.

Christian B, 43, was convicted and sentenced for her rape in December 2019 – 14 years after the brutal attack which devastated her so much she fled to the US.

Meanwhile, the McCann apartment in Praia da Luz was the “prime location” for crime, police told Madeleine’s distraught parents after she was abducted.

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