‘Fault In Our Stars’ actor Ansel Elgort faces sexual assault allegations

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The “Fault in Our Stars” actor Ansel Elgort is facing allegations of sexual assault.

The accuser said that the actor sexually assaulted her a couple of days after she turned 17.

The woman identified as Gabby claimed that she met the actor through social media after sending him a Direct Message, just days before her 17th birthday.

She claimed that Elgort was aware of her age when he allegedly assaulted her.

“I was only f** 17. And he was in his 20s. He knew what he was doing. I’m not posting this to ‘clout chase’ because I simply don’t care for that. I’m posting this so I can finally heal and I know I’m not alone and he’s done this to other girls. Ansel Elgort sexually assaulted me when I was 17,” Gabby who didn’t give her second name wrote on Twitter. 

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