China claims ‘Hong Kong thugs have infiltrated’ US protests in propaganda piece

media_playChina claims 'Hong Kong thugs have infiltrated' US protests in propaganda piece

China claims ‘Hong Kong thugs have infiltrated’ US protests in propaganda piece

China has compared riots breaking out across the United States to demonstrations in Hong Kong and claimed that “Hong Kong thugs have infiltrated the US to carry out this violence”.

Global Times editor Hu Xijin posted the bizarre rant to YouTube where he said there were “overwhelming” similarities between the two protests.

“There’re different reasons for the riots, but their similarities are overwhelming: they all defy the law, subvert order, and are destructive; violence in Hong Kong is justified, and violence in the US is unjust … this kind of thinking is intolerable,” he said.

The comments came as protests erupted across the US after the killing of an unarmed black man during a police arrest which sparked a heated outrage across the country.

Mr Hu has attempted to link these protests to those in Hong Kong arguing both riots defy the law and subvert order.

“US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once called the violent protests in Hong Kong ‘a beautiful sight to behold’. … US politicians now can enjoy this sight from their own windows,” Mr Hu said.

Beijing faces international criticism after planning to impose a new national security law on Hong Kong which has been condemned as a way to chip away at the city’s unique freedoms.

In response US President Donald Trump has vowed to strip Hong Kong of its special privileges claiming it is not controlled by China.

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