Brexit news: Richard Tice DEMANDS EU back down in fishing deal talks ‘They’re OUR waters!’ | UK | News

Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice argued the EU needs to cave to the demands of the UK on fish in the Brexit trade deal talks. During an interview with, Mr Tice claimed the fact the fish reside in the UK’s waters mean the EU cannot expect to get the same treatment as when Britain was a member of the European Union. The Brexit Party chairman reflected on the importance of the fishing industry to those who live and work on the coasts in addition to Brexiteers across the country.

He said: “To put in context, for every one job at sea there are seven of eight jobs onshore.

“These jobs happen and would be created in some of the most deprived areas and who need the greatest regeneration around our coast.

“It is a huge opportunity and we must not be tempted to give it away to secure a trade deal.

“These are separate issues, these are our waters and we must take back full control and maximise this Brexit opportunity.”

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No fishing deal has yet being agreed between the EU and the UK, but Mr Tice claimed Britain could deal with the bloc very simply.

Mr Tice said: “We would deal with the EU very simply, by saying that fishing is off the table.

“Under the political declaration of the future arrangements, it said the UK and the EU have to try to agree terms on a new fishing deal by July.

“If you can’t agree, you can’t agree.

Mr Tice also noted the fishing issue was important for Brexiteers for more than just economic reasons.

He said: “It not only key for the jobs and the regeneration of entire coastal areas but it also emotionally important.

“As a maritime trading nation, fishing is part of our heritage.

“People feel very strongly about it and want to make sure we get that benefit.”

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