Big Brother cast member Anna from 2006 looks completely different now

Fourteen years ago one of the most Aussie lines ever was delivered on national TV.

Ex Big Brother star Anna Lind-Hansen, who appeared on the reality show in 2006, declared a war with her fellow cast mates when she said: “Game on molls”.

Lind-Hansen, who was 20 at the time, became a fan favourite on the show but was evicted in a shock elimination after 29 days in the Gold Coast house.

Making an appearance on The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show Eye on Big Brother, Lind-Hansen, now 34, looked virtually unrecognisable compared to her days on the small screen.

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Anna on Big Brother in 2006.
media_cameraAnna on Big Brother in 2006.
The ex reality star looks different nowadays!
media_cameraThe ex reality star looks different nowadays!

Addressing her infamous “molls” line, the makeup artist recalled the live crowd chanting “moll!” when she was evicted and being confused as she “didn’t remember” saying it in the house.

“After I got evicted, everyone was yelling out ‘moll’ and I thought I had done something absolutely terrible,” she said.

“I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, what have I done?’ Then they showed me the footage and it just came out in the heat of the moment.”

It comes as 2002 housemate Jess Hardy revealed in a radio interview with Triple M yesterday why she decided to sleep with fellow housemate Nathan ‘Marty’ Martin while cameras were rolling.

They were the first couple to get it on between the sheets on the show.

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“I’m not an exhibitionist, but you do kind of forget and you like the intimacy, you feel like you’ve got an ally, you get a little cosy and before too long it’s the dancing doona all over again,” she laughed.

“It’s just a comfort thing. Dad said to me when I got out, ‘Couldn’t you wait?’ but when the intense chemistry is there and you’re unable to leave, it’s undeniable.

“It feels like it’s the right thing at the time, you don’t remember the cameras are there.”

Briefly discussing their split, which was a big deal when it happened after we watched the couple fall in love in real time, Jess said there was “not much (French kissing) once we got married”.

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