Airbus announces huge job cuts: Aerospace giant says 1,700 employees to be made redundant | UK | News

The aviation industry has suffered more than others due to the prolonged coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The uncertainty created by Brexit has also amplified negative financial projections, leading companies like Airbus to begin reducing output and implementing redundancy procedures. The Airbus cuts are reported due to coronavirus induced order freezes.

The aerospace giant Airbus plans to cut 15,000 jobs across all of its international sectors.

The company said that this is as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

It will cut 1,700 jobs in the UK.

There will be thousands of more job losses in Germany.

However, hopes the majority of redundancies will be voluntary or through the early retirement of staff.

The news comes after last month when Airbus said about half of the staff at its Broughton site would be placed on the UK government’s job retention scheme.

With employee pay cut to 80 percent

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